Dave Hester Net Worth 2012

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Dave Hester Net Worth 2012 - Hester began the series owning Newport Consignment Gallery in Costa Mesa, California and the Rags to Riches thrift store, until he closed them in June 2011. He now operates his own auction house, Dave Hester Auctions. Hester is also worth approximately 3 million dollars. Dave Hester is a main character on the A&E reality show “Storage Wars.” In 2005, after being convicted of a DUI, Dave was forced into community service at a local Goodwill Store. Seeing the potential in such an operation, the then furniture store owner transformed his operation into a thrift store. The idea changed his life. Hester has earned his net worth as star of the reality television series Storage Wars on the A&E Network that premiered in 2010. He is also the owner of the Newport Consignment Gallery & Rags to Riches Thrift Store.

Dave Hester Net Worth 2012

Dave Hester is currently involved in a lawsuit over his famous catch phrase “Yuuup.” Dave was recently granted a trademark for the phrase but unfortunately R&B star Trey Songz. Trey Songz claims he has has been using the phrase “Yuuup” since at least 2009. The problem is that both Hester and Songz are using the phrase to make money off clothing lines and merchandise. A New York judge is reviewing both cases and will make a ruling in the coming months
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