Catherine Giudici On the Bachelor

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Catherine Giudici On the Bachelor - Catherine giudici may be a graphic designer at amazon by day — however she dabbles in food writing upon the side. and that’s not all ; she typically writes concerning vegan food. we wondered with the starting as to the season how armadillo-eating sean can feel concerning that ! truly, we dont be required to wonder anymore — if it was actually a problem for sean, he overcame it, as a result of sean and catherine are engaged ! thus, who's sean lowes new fiancee, catherine giudici ?

Meet catherine giudici
age : 26 year old
occupation : graphic designer
hometown : seattle
ethnicity : half italian, half filipino
family : mother is cynthia mejia-giudici and father is carey giudici
Catherine Giudici The Bachelor 2013
Catherine Giudici The Bachelor 2013
The seattle born-and-raised beauty graduated from roosevelt secondary school in 2004, washington state university in 2008, and jumped right into an illustrious career in advertising, operating for seattle’s renowned wexley college for ladies. her career has basically been skyrocketing ever since that day. currently, in keeping with her linkedin profile, she works currently being a visual designer at amazon. she’s not merely a skilled busy lady ; catherine is additionally a world traveler ! before her appearance upon the bachelor, catherine traveled to firmly kenya, that helped instigate her interest in veganism, in keeping with her seattleite blogger profile.

Who might you admire most within the world and why ?
catherine giudici : anyone who will look beyond themselves and unselfishly help others. giving a little more than they actually could have. they actually are an example for our benefit all.

Might you contemplate yourself a romantic and why ? 
absolutely. love is that the best and expressing it to a person is thus special.

What will be the high 3 things on your private bucket list, and why ? 
to firmly eat traditional pasta in italy, to work skiing within the alps, and to firmly ride an elephant in thailand

Within the course as to the season, sean fell in love with catherines intelligence, beauty, and goofy sense of humor. and, now we have to speak about, we were right there with him. we couldnt suppose of a a lot of better match.
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