Bradley Cooper Admits Not Ashamed Living with Mother

By Siti Aminah Wednesday, April 17, 2013 0 comments
Celebrity Rumors Recently Bradley Cooper tells us about his personal life. Former lover Zoe Saldana is not reluctant to reveal that he still lives with his mother, Gloria.

Revealed winning the title of Sexiest Man Alive in 2011 the magazine People, and Gloria's life changed after his father, Charlie Cooper, died of cancer, 2011. These events become increasingly closer to Gloria Bradley.

"My family is very close and the father's death is a heavy thing. Was time to make our relationship so far is rather tenuous and sadness (left Charlie) is still there," Bradley said in the May 2013 issue of Details magazine. "That's why we need each other. So here we were."

Bradley Cooper

Of course living with Gloria is not easy. But Bradley could still feel comfortable at home with his mother.

"It is not without obstacles. Thing I can say is we survived. Course it's also not easy for my mother having to live with his son," said the 38-year-old actor. "But my mother is cool lady. Chat and we can go together." Sharing is sexy

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