Romance Rihanna and Chris Brown

By Siti Aminah Tuesday, May 21, 2013 0 comments
Celebrity Rumors - Riri's father, Ronald Fenty, claiming to be one of the fans Chris and predicted his daughter would reconcile with the rapper.

Some time ago romance Rihanna and Chris Brown back foundered. News of their breakup apparently also made a sad Riri's father, Ronald Fenty.

Ronald said that he likes if Riri dating Chris. In addition to claiming a big fan of Chris, Ronald also predicted his daughter would be back reconciliation with the rapper.

"I'm still number one fan Chris, I still love Chris," said Ronald. "They have a cordial relationship. If they break up, it does not mean it will happen for good. Within the next few months they will be feedback."

However, Ronald admitted also happy whatever the chosen Riri. For him, the important thing is happiness Riri. Ronald said he would always support the singer of hits "Diamonds" is.

"He looks fine. Selected any decision my daughter, I will always support him," he concluded. "The most important thing she was happy." Sharing is sexy

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