Ashton Kutcher has Moved in Engineers

By Siti Aminah Monday, November 4, 2013 0 comments
Celebrity Rumors - In summary, the American actor Ashton Kutcher will be another, rather unexpected record. Movie star and the TV screen was a design engineer. Kutcher hired the Chinese computer giant, the company Lenovo.

As they say in a statement, Ashton Kutcher will be involved in the design, specifications, "software" (software) and the usage scenarios tablets Lenovo Yoga.

"The partnership with Lenovo becomes the embodiment of my love of technology and design that makes life better" - said Kutcher in a video message.

The actor also assured that he cannot wait to start using, and even sang a bunch of all sorts of praises. What salary would receive newly engineer, not reported.

As you know, Ashton Kutcher played in the film biopic of the late founder of Apple Steve Jobs.
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