Jackie Admits the Existence of Etta Ng

By Siti Aminah Tuesday, November 5, 2013 0 comments
Celebrity Rumors - For the first time, Jackie admits the existence of Etta Ng, remembering a similar story new movie storyline.

Jackie Chan recently made ​​headlines for controversial remarks. For the first time, the actor " Chinese Zodiac "is talking child of a relationship outside marriage. Jackie admits to feeling guilty about her daughter.

This was revealed at a press conference Jackie latest film, " Police Story 2013 ". In the film she portrayed a father ignores her daughter was too busy working. The story reminded him of the affair results daughter named Etta Ng.

"The story that kept ringing in my head, especially the crying scenes. Itself I cried at the memory of Xiao Long Nu (the name of the media to Etta Ng)," said Jackie. "I had been abandoned for so long."

No doubt, a statement the 59-year-old actor is surprisingly media because normally he always avoided questions about Etta Ng. Earlier he had said that the princess was a "mistake ever made by any man". So far, Jackie just confirmed their affair, but never formally acknowledged status as a child of Etta Ng.

Etta Ng is currently 14 years old and lives alone with her mother, Elaine Ng. While recognized as the only legitimate son Jaycee Jackie Chan who also works the artist. On that occasion the Jaycee Jackie also advised to always work hard. Sharing is sexy

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