Jennifer Lawrence was Rumored to Feel Lonely

By Siti Aminah Thursday, April 18, 2013 0 comments
Celebrity Rumors - Jennifer was rumored to feel lonely because Bradley was busy going out with his new girlfriend, a model named Suki Waterhouse.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper had buffeted by rumors going strong since their chemistry in " Silver Linings Playbook ". In addition, Jennifer and Bradley also compete acting in several other films such as " Serena "and" American Hustle ". However, the rumor was that straight through when a romance with Bradley showed off his new girlfriend, a model named Suki Waterhouse.

On various occasions, Bradley and Suki was dating caught on camera by paparazzi. Now, new rumors appeared linked Bradley affair and Suki. Reportedly, Jennifer felt jealous because since dating with Suki, 38-year-old actor was never again spend time with him.

"Bradley and Jennifer currently filming 'Silver Linings Playbook' and 'Serena', they seemed inseparable," said one source. "But now Bradley always spends his free time with Suki and Jennifer felt like losing someone close to him."

"Lately it has been a long time they did not hang out together anymore," the source added. "Suki Bradley flew from London to Boston and took her around the city. Bradley also flew to Paris to meet Suki in between filming the movie."

Meanwhile, Jennifer is still to this day being single. 22-year-old actress ended his relationship with British actor, Nicholas Hoult, January after dating for 2 years. Sharing is sexy

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